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Nicki Purcell is serving as Chief Digital Officer and Senior Vice President of Consumer Sales. In her role, she leads the digital transformation for The Dallas Morning News to meet the challenges of a mobile-first world, delivering against the consumer product experience, growth in audience market share, including print and digital subscription sales.

Purcell is also responsible for leading the strategy to gain new forms of revenue across the digital landscape, including but not limited to affiliates programs, sponsorship of digital products, eCommerce platforms and member based recurring revenue. Based on years of experience in business management, Purcell develops 3rd party content partnerships and stewards investment decisions to compete with new forms of competition.

Prior to joining The Dallas Morning News in 2013, Purcell reported directly to the President of Nokia, Inc., leading the customer care organization and reverse logistics operations for North America. In this role, she drove programs that improved Nokia's market position through cost, quality and customer satisfaction.

As part of the North American Leadership Team and an officer in the company, she provided direction to the strategy, including product ranging and distribution channels. Other leadership roles at Nokia included serving as Online Sales Director in which her team grew online revenue 121% year-over-year and Marketing Director when the company transitioned ecosystem brands.

Prior to Nokia, Purcell worked at marketing agencies as well as on the telecom network side. She received her Bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at Austin and completed graduate certificates from Columbia University, Harvard Business School and Southern Methodist University. She serves as a board member for Digital Content Next and Matter. She is married with 3 sons and lives in Dallas, Texas.

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