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A. H. Belo Corporation (NYSE: AHC), headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a leading local news and information publishing company with commercial printing, distribution and direct mail capabilities, as well as businesses with expertise in emerging media and digital marketing. With a continued focus on extending the Company's media platform, A. H. Belo is able to deliver news and information in innovative ways to new audiences with diverse interests and lifestyles.

The Company publishes The Dallas Morning News, Texas' leading newspaper and winner of nine Pulitzer Prizes; and various niche publications targeting specific audiences. A. H. Belo offers digital marketing solutions through 508 Digital and Your Speakeasy, LLC and its investments include Classified Ventures, LLC, owner of cars.com, and Wanderful Media, LLC, owner of FindnSave.com.

A. H. Belo's combined newspaper and related online businesses reach a large number of people in markets with attractive long-term demographics. From its beginnings as a Texas newspaper company in 1842 through present, A. H. Belo has attributed its success to its unique understanding of, and commitment to, the audiences it serves. A. H. Belo's close community ties, strong journalistic reputation, and intense regional focus have been nurtured and expanded over time, resulting in powerful media brands and business opportunities that are not easily duplicated by competitors.

A. H. Belo's focused strategy for extending its news and information platform to emerging media and audiences enables the Company to remain flexible as audiences change, and deliver news and information in new ways to match new tastes, interests and habits. Web sites associated with A. H. Belo's newspapers exemplify this strategy. A. H. Belo's Web sites build on the Company's well-established local and regional brands to generate new customer relationships.

To learn more about A. H. Belo, you may view the Company Fact Sheet, a timeline of key dates in The Company's history, and a summary of our corporate values.

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